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"be aware" her voice is crackling over the phone. I’m nodding as if she could me and wrapping the head phone cords around my hands and I’m walking through cat’s tail and it’s brushing my legs. the fire truck lights are flashing on the walls

the clouds are dark curtains and they pull back for me when I reach the surface, not even gasping for breath or anything. it’s the strangest calm I’ve ever felt as the stars fly around and I can feel the whole world in the dark water beneath me like someone’s waiting to pull me back in with their cold hands. the stars glow and my wet forehead reflects them like scattered glass.

They were covered in lesions and their skin was scabbed and patchy but their eyes still sparkled and reflected my teeth.

You come out onstage with your crowbar and your pillow and you wave and bow and the crowd applauds quietly. 

A mountain of fog among her leaves,
Settled like summer along the eyes of the fields.
Taste the blood on your teeth.
She is still

Living close to the sun and brushing flies out of your hair. Drinking again.

March Horoscopes

Aries: Keep trying

Taurus: You begin staring at the wall; the cracks covering it are dark and black. Your entire life has been nothing but looking through a hole in your eye.

Gemini: Three keys on the piano chime, unknowable.

Leo: He is the skin and She is the skin and He is the skin and She is the skin and He is the skin and She i

Virgo: Cocaine,

Cancer: You feel warm in the sun but you know the world is dying

Libra: A big black stone, smooth and cold in the pit of your guts.

Scorpio: Blue eyes.

Sagittarius: Duality is in your genes. Multitasking will soon become easier for both of your selves

Capricorn: Ice clinks against the glass and it reminds you that the sky is empty and the horizon is dead and void.

Pisces: Sandalwood

Aquarius: now.

"Um…can you please stop talking I’m trying to listen to the explosions"

He had his lips pressed up against the glass, squishing his face closer and closer to the pane and making kissing noises. His hands slammed on the glass, open palmed. The store was still closed and I just stared at him from inside the buzzing room. All dressed in orange and palm trees and wearing sunglasses up on his head. He had a mask of white skin around his eyes, and everything else was a mix of gold and red. The other employees and I just had are hands up to our chests, crossed apprehensively as he sucked on the window and banged his fists against it.

world building/plot notes for Spirculum

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